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We Remove
: Fox
: Beavers
: Bats
: Squirrels
: Pigeons
: Skunks
: Coyotes
: Moles
: Rats
: Mice
: Starlings
: Turtles
: Birds
: Opossum
: Snakes

: Woodchucks
We remove all problem wildlife!

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Unwanted wildlife can cause significant damage and potential physical danger to your home, as well as additional sanitary concerns. Bats, raccoons, squirrels are well known to chew wires, siding and trim at entry points and their droppings can be harmful to your health.

Providing safe, effective and affordable wildlife and pest removal, prevention and repair services to homeowners is a specialty. Problem Wildlife Removal is a highly experienced and professional company, dedicated to meeting your needs.

No chemicals or pesticides are used in our pest control, eliminating residual concerns. Humane, effective and green techniques are our hallmark. Preventative measures and repairs are done with expert precision, including chimney caps, vent guards, screening and more. We do inspections to ensure no hidden pest problems exist or that potential entry points exist, leaving you, your family and your home vulnerable to future problems.

We are fully insured for the protection of your property.

Affordable homeowner rates, serving all of western Massachusetts.

residential problem wildlife removal
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